Monday, May 4, 2009

Travel Trepidation

I'm a homebody. I like my routine, my bed, my kitchen, my way of cooking... and in eight weeks I'll be packing enough personal "stuff" for myself and my girls for ten days away from home, boarding a plane (not a fan of flying... AT ALL) and flying 5 hours to Ontario for a long overdue visit with my family. And I'm fighting the anxiety that is increasing almost exponentially with each passing day.

The thing that really has me in knots is the fear of forgetting something crucial in relation to Jenna's diabetes management. This disease requires lots of paraphernalia to stay on top of things and I'm fearful that I'll be on that plane as it taxis down the runway moments away from becoming airborne and suddenly have the sickening realization that I've forgotten something HUGE! It's a bit silly, mind you, because anyone who knows me knows I'm the queen of organization and I'm not at all above employing an arsenal of safe-guards in an effort to prevent just such a disaster. But I'm also playing the "what if" game. What if she gets sick? What if the travel causes her numbers to do something CRAZY? What if I drop and break her only bottle of insulin? What if... what if... what if...

I am working at trying to relax about it all by reminding myself that I seldom get to see my family and all this worrying is going to detract from my enjoyment of the occasion. But in my defense, I have spent nearly a year working constantly at trying to maintain control over a disease that never sleeps and is determined not to be controlled and having to continue that battle while adding even MORE variables to the mix (as if there aren't enough already), i.e. new routine and surroundings, time change, possible exposure to pathogens, new diet, etc. scares the crap out of me!

I sincerely hope I can come to terms with this and not let it cast a dark shadow over the whole experience. Because that will effect how my girls perceive things and I want them to have a positive, fun visit with my side of our family; the side they hardly know.

My own Mom hasn't even met Jenna yet! And that's just wrong.


Angie said...

Have a great trip!!

(I am assuming you're flying into Pearson -- if so, know that they were the most understanding airport I've dealt with regarding all the "diabetes junk" (Sain's phrase) that you have to carry. All they did was yell "insulin pump" when we approached security and we breezed through!)

PancreasMom said...

YOu guys will do great and have an amazing time! We have had to travel a fair bit since our son's Diagnosis and with and without a pump, in either case, we have not had problems at the airport...we put all his travel supplies in one insulated large lunch bag with zipper and then disclose which bag it is in, and have less trouble getting through ... We try and stay on our own time zone when possible (last trip was 7 days).. yes there are people in NY wondering why our kids are eating dinner at 8:30pm... (we are on PST) but for his basal times and schedule we found this was easier than when we changed the time on his pump.. and we all felt jet lagged and his BG's were a bit more irratic (but nothing alarming) Overall, stay calm as your plans seems to intend and you will all do great.
I do suggest you to make a pit stop (Even if you are staying with family) at a grocery store to make sure you have some foods that are "normal" for your childs diet and that you know the carb info for and or free snacks and that they will indeed eat.. nothing is worse than a bolus at a family dinner party and you trying to get your kids to eat anything,,, and they have nothing and it becomes an BG issue.

Have fun, your family will help out I am sure and you will all feel relaxed and enjoy your time together... you sound so organized and ready ...

p.s DO bring more than one bottle of insulin... and in two seperate places (one with all supplies and one perhaps in with your handbag in a kit your child usually carries with them (or you for them) we did have a frozen insulin one time in a hotel fridge... i guess insulin and minibar vodka bottles need different temps ;)So having a second one can alleiviate the worry of your dropped the bottle fear!

Happy and safe travels to you all!

FeltFinland said...

We have travelled quite a bit with our son since his diagnosis and certainly the first trip was scary . Now I take almost everything and the kitchen sink !! Snacks galore, enough insulin to treat a dozen diabetics, spare needles and spare spare needles and syringes just in case!! We even survived last year when our flight from London to Florida was cancelled and we ended up with an 8 hour wait for a flight via Toronto! My beautiful insulin plan with time changes went out the window but we managed and can laugh about it now (not at the time when we had to ask for a doctor on the plane as I had no idea what insulin to give and when)
Have a wonderful trip and I'm sure all will go really well.