Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Two Years

Today marks two years since Jenna’s diagnosis with type 1 diabetes.

Two years of lancets, alcohol swabs, insulin pumps, test strips, carb tabs, carb counts, carb factors, infusion sets, insertion devices, reservoirs, combo boluses, corrections, injections, calibrations, calculations, insulin to carb ratios, sensitivity factors, tangled tubing, occlusions, site changes, ketones, glucose meters, air bubbles, rebound highs, stubborn highs, delayed highs, sickness highs, highs for no damn reason at all, lows, scary lows, persistent lows, tummy cramps, tears, worry, sleeplessness, aging and living from one blood sugar check to the next.
But it has also been two years of laughter, celebration, love, growth, learning what really matters, being thankful for the good numbers, finding the balance, fighting the good fight, making new friends, offering support and getting some in return, eating healthfully, finding beauty in simplicity, discovering hidden strength, realizing that the greatest growth comes from overcoming challenges, learning to live in the now, being truly grateful for good health, understanding how good life is.
Diabetes isn’t something I would have chosen for our family.  And there is no denying the challenges it has presented.  But it has also afforded us great opportunity.  In some ways it has been a gift, as strange as that sounds.  

Diabetes is merely one fibre in the vast fabric that is our life.  
And what a beautiful fabric it is!


k2 said...

Happy Diaversary Jenna!
kelly k

Anonymous said...

Here's to many more happy diabetic years, as oxymoronic as that sounds!

Mike Hoskins said...

Happy Diaversary, indeed! Well put, that the D is one fabric in our overall lives. And in many ways, it is a blessing. Great analogy and description.

Karen said...

What a beautiful video!!!! Happy Diaversary to one amazing little girl. :)