Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bravery, Bears and Purple-Tongued Giraffes

The sound of sleepy feet enter just as my quiet bedroom is starting to show signs that the sunrise is mere minutes away.  In a moment a tousle-haired Jenna is standing beside my bed in Hello Kitty pajamas, rubbing her eyes, waiting for me to draw back the covers and invite her in.  She snuggles up behind me and throws one leg over my hip.  Some shifting and positioning takes place, then finally she settles into her comfortable spot.  We snuggle and doze for the next little while.


“Mom, can we get up and have breakfast now?”

“Sure.  Are you hungry this morning?”

“Yes.  So hungry I could eat a bear!”

“A whole bear?!  That’s pretty hungry!” Jenna snuggles in closer and I wrap my arm around her tightly and kiss her forehead.

“Yeah.  But I wouldn’t eat an elephant.  I like elephants.”

“Elephants are cool.  And so are giraffes.”

“Ya.  Giraffes are tall and they have spots.  OH!  And they have purple tongues!”

“What about deer?”

“I love deers.  Especially Bambies.  They are so cute.  We should watch that movie sometime, Mom.”

“Oh yeah?  I’ve never seen that movie.  There’s a sad part in the movie that I’ve always been afraid of watching.”

Jenna pulls back from me to see my face.  “Really, Mom?”

“Mmm-hm.  I’ve only ever heard about it.  It has something to do with a forest fire.  But I’ll be brave and watch it if you will.”

“I can’t believe you are afraid, Mommy.  I mean, you’re a grown-up!”

“Everybody is afraid sometimes, sweetheart.  And you don’t have to be a grown-up to be brave.  Why, you’re one of the bravest people I know!”  Jenna snuggles close again.

After a brief pause she asks “...sight changes?”

“Sight changes and everything else to do with having diabetes.  You are one brave little girl.” She wraps her little arms around me and we hug.  Tightly.

“Okay!  Let’s go find a bear for breakfast!” I say as I throw back the covers.  Jenna giggles in her delightfully infectious way and bounds out of bed.

I love my life.

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