Wednesday, January 19, 2011

We Made It!

I’m a little late posting this but we arrived at our destination in southern Ontario late Friday evening and have been basking in small town charm and the loving warmth of family ever since.

Our trek across Canada was not without it’s trials but we played it safe, travelling during good weather and staying put when the weather got nasty.  Which was often.

Frosty prairie morning

A word about the prairies: COLD.

How cold?  I’m talking scary cold; the kind of cold that makes you thankful for shelter.  And central heating.  And cars that start, regardless of hell freezing over!

But along with the breathtaking temperatures came the equally breathtaking sunrises.  The sun coming up over a distant, flat horizon on a crazy-crisp morn is an incredibly beautiful sight to behold.  It almost made the early morning wake-up calls and the frozen-together eyelashes and nose hairs worth it.....almost.
A prairie sunrise

The girls were incredible on the road!  I had purchased a few road-friendly activities at a craft store and kept them hidden away until I was desperate for a diversion - something to keep them occupied and help pass the time.  My scheme worked surprisingly well.  But with that many hours of driving, even the most engaging activity couldn’t guarantee a trip completely free from the occasional bout of restlessness and boredom.  The girls had their moments, especially during the final leg of the journey.  But overall, they did far better than could be expected.

How did the D behave?  Not too shabby!  Jenna’s numbers stayed in or near target for the most part, with the help of raised basals.  There was one day I forgot to raise her basals and, as you might imagine, with sitting all day in a vehicle, her blood sugars crept up into the mid teens.  It served as a reminder of how important activity is to good diabetes management.  The guilt I felt also served as a healthy motivator to remember to raise her basals.

Beautiful sunrise in northern Ontario

So yeah.  We made it.  And now begins the process of starting life anew - registering the kids for school, setting up a case conference to address Jenna’s needs at school, finding G.P.’s and endocrinologists, signing up for provincial health is busier than ever.

But life is good.


Steve said...

It seems no matter how far we are traveling, ten minutes or ten hours, the kids always get the most unruly the final three minutes to our destination. Always. I think that's why God made Pop Tarts (just kidding, pot tarts are pure evil).

Bonne chance on the relo. Hope you get settled quickly.

Jen said...

Gorgeous photos! I really miss snow. So glad you made it...

Hallie Addington said...

Love the pics! Hate the cold.... But snow is so pretty- from inside! Glad D behaved for you!

Alexis Nicole said...

HI!! Oh ive missed you!!! So glad you made it there safe and gorgeous pics!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures.

Welcome Home.

Unknown said...

OHHHH...BURRRRRR!!! That prarie looks cold and I am used to -20 weather here.

Glad you made it and that "d" behaved Sherry! Good luck with getting settled. You must be sooo busy and oh so tired.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

I'm so glad! I had no idea it was going to take you guys so long. I kept wondering when you were going to get there!

Congratulations and enjoy! I'm sure it's joyous to be stationary now.