Wednesday, May 11, 2011


For all the seriousness of this disease there can be some pretty funny moments. Like the time we were driving and Jenna decided to make a snack out of one of her books. In my frustration with her penchant for destruction I said something that totally broke the tension of the moment and made us see the lighter side of diabetes.

Then there was the time I treated my purse for a high blood sugar.  I blogged about that one last year during D-Blog Week.

Well, apparently I haven’t given up my mission to ensure inanimate objects don’t suffer the effects of  hyperglycemia.

Just last week after the girls and I returned home from a swim at the pool, I had them jump in the tub for a quick bath to rinse away the chlorine.  The girls were still in pool mode, engaging in lots of splashing and frivolity resulting in a lake forming on the bathroom floor. I approached the tub to administer hair washings and was less than impressed to find myself wading through a rather large puddle.


“Are you kidding me?! You have more water outside the tub than inside!!” - clearly an exaggeration, but isn’t that what we parents do?

The hair washing process didn’t go smoothly and I’m sure my already frustrated state didn’t help. But neither did Jenna’s antics. Antagonizing her sister, dodging the shower spray, sending bath toys soaring through the air, squirting me with squirt toys (who’s idea was it to arm them with squirt toys in the bathtub, anyway?!) By the end of the bath I was completely tapped out of patience and convinced that a possible low blood sugar was at play.

At some point J had heard my frustration and had arrived on the scene, ready to help out. I was in super-efficient,  just-get-these-kids-dried-off-and-let-me-go-drink-copious-amounts-of-tea-while-staring-into-space mode.

Jazmine got out of the tub first, then Jenna. I wrapped towels around them both. I quickly dried Jenna’s index finger and performed a blood sugar check, certain I would see a number warranting a snack. But the number that appeared required a small correction instead.

Mumbling something about how crazy these kids were making me, I dialed up the recommended dose of insulin on the meter and pressed GO with conviction. I heard the familiar, yet perplexingly distant tshsht sound. I looked at J.  Simultaneously we turned our attention to the hall.

“You just bolused the newel post” J said in way too calm a manner for the degree of frustration I was feeling.

Closing my eyes and shaking my head at my own foolishness, I recalled placing Jenna’s pump on the newel post at the top of the stairs while she had her bath.

“Yup. I know."

The frustration disolved rather quickly as I gave in to the comedy of the moment and we all shared a chuckle.

Funny how life seems to know when you need a lesson in how to not sweat the small stuff, isn’t it?

Sometimes a little D-humour is a very good thing.


Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

You are all caring, for those things living and even those not. Heehee!

Jen said...

Agreed! Humor is NEEDED!

Denise said...

my husband once bolused the back of the toilet from a whole floor down. It was placed there at bath time and we'd forgotten to put it back on our son...we still can't believe it had to range to go through!

Unknown said...

OMGosh...I have bolused our island a few times...The way your husband responded is priceless.