Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lesson learned; Never let down my guard!

Just when I think I have a handle on this diabetes business, a curve ball is hurled at me with incredible force to snap me back into an uncomfortable, insecure state of humility and show me that I can never rest easy or get too confident. I must always expect the unexpected.

After enjoying a second day on the pump and good blood sugar levels with almost unprecedented consistency, suddenly all hell has broken loose. Jenna had a high reading before bed that we corrected with a bolus and mistakenly thought that would fix everything. She did come down slightly after two hours, but her midnight check is high again and now there is a small amount of ketones present in her blood. The plot thickens...

I am forced to ponder the cause of this unexpected and stubborn high; was it the stress of the dentist visit this afternoon causing a release of adrenalin and glucose? Jenna is not fond of the dentist to say the least! This in combination with a pizza supper~ notorious for wreaking havoc on blood sugars~ and an underestimation of the carbohydrates present in pizza crust, coupled with an inability to discern exactly how much of the greasy crust Jenna actually consumed due to her penchant for food play and an uncanny ability to mangle food items beyond recognition rendering them virtually immeasurable...

Or perhaps there is something wrong with the infusion itself and we have solved nothing yet but must wait another two hours to confirm this with another check. Meanwhile, her blood sugar will continue to climb, more ketones will form and her little body will endure more stress.

We bolus for the high blood sugar and give extra to clear the ketones and in two hours we will test again to ensure the bolus worked.

Fingers crossed that it has, because if it hasn't, we are looking at an insulin injection and a site change as there could be something wrong with the cannula; a kink or blockage of some sort. We would have to do it without the help of EMLA, a topical numbing agent that makes needles virtually painless for little ones, as it requires at least an hour to take effect. And doing it in the middle of the night, who knows how cooperative our sleepy little toddler will be with the whole ordeal!

If it does work... LOVE! And maybe I'll get a few hours sleep tonight after all. Fingers crossed, people... fingers crossed...

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