Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Proud Pumper Parent

Today marks the beginning of Jenna's diabetic journey with her new best friend strapped around her waist; the Animas insulin pump in pretty metalic pink.

It's been a long day of sleep and food deprivation for all family members, and much information and technical training has been crammed into this cob-webby, overburdened, 36 year old brain, so I'm afraid this pivotal entry must be brief. I have two night time blood sugar checks to do tonight and my bed beckons.

More on Jenna's pump start-up in the days and weeks to come, but suffice it to say Jenna is getting on quite well with the pump. She seems pretty proud of it, actually, and doesn't miss the MDI's one little bit.

It was so nice at supper tonight not to have to respond to Jenna's usual evening statement, "I don't need an insulin shot, Mommy", with "Sorry sweetie, but you do." Instead I was able to reply, "No you don't sweetie. You have a pump now!"


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