Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Give Up

That's it. I'm done with delivery pizza. Seems every time I decide to order pizza I am doomed to pay dearly for wanting a night off of cooking a wholesome, balanced, diabetes-friendly meal. I just can't perfect the whole combo bolus business where pizza is concerned and I'm beginning to suspect it's because IT CAN'T BE DONE!! It's diabetic public enemy #1!

Tomorrow I'm buying some Weight Watchers wraps, some low fat mozzarella, and some of my kids favourite pizza toppings and from now on, when I'm feeling the need to take a night off, I'm going to enlist the help of my very capable and ultra-adorable little girls and we're going to have a "make-it-yourself" pizza night. Yes, it means that technically I'm not really getting a night off. There is a bit of prep work involved in pulling off a pizza constructing station. But that's OK. Jaz and Jenna will think they've won the lottery. They are forever wanting to help in the kitchen. Heck. I'm sure they'll be so chuffed about making pizzas I could likely talk them into doing clean up duty too. (I'm starting to wonder why I didn't come up with this little scheme... uh, I mean... plan a long time ago!)

So it's decided. A grand farewell to pizzeria pizza. Good riddance, you nasty, unforgiving, albeit tasty and convenient food!

Now please excuse me while I go check my baby and likely bolus her for a stubborn pizza induced high.

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