Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laying The Groundwork

I run. Not everyday, or even every other day. But I do like to get out and run every now and then. It feels good to push my body past it's zone of comfort. And in return, my body thanks me. It holds my asthma at bay by forcing oxygen into the cob-webby corners of my compromised lungs, strengthens the large muscles of my legs, improves my quality of sleep and gives me an all around physical and mental sense of well-being. If there is one thing I'd like to impress upon my girls, it is the wonderful benefits of exercise and treating their bodies well with good nutrition, adequate sleep and avoidance of those things that cause harm.

As I ran today, lost in my thoughts, feeling my lungs tighten, listening to the sound of my running shoes softly impact the pavement in a comforting rhythm, I thought of Jenna; how if she takes up running or any endurance sport, she will have more to think about than the average, non-diabetic athlete. And as I thought of what she would have to consider and prepare for before engaging in these activities, I felt all the more motivation to push myself. I do have an example to set of discipline and hard work. Exercise is an important aspect to a healthy lifestyle for everyone. But it is especially crucial, for those of us with chronic conditions, to battle against the ravages of our disease, be it asthma, diabetes or whatever the challenge.

I want my girls to live long, healthy, full lives. The groundwork for that is being laid now and I want their foundations to be rock-solid. So I ran today not only with the goal of maintaining my own good health and prolonging my life but I ran with the added incentive of my girl's good health and longevity.

When I got home again, my girls welcomed me home with hugs and kisses then spent the next 20 minutes doing stretches with me, asking questions and showing a keen interest in their own little body mechanics. I was delighted.

The groundwork is coming along nicely.

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PancreasMom said...

you are a great role model and your girls WILL be better for it ;)