Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week!

Okay.  So I've gone and done something rather rash.  I've signed up for "Diabetes Blog Week".  In doing so I have committed to blogging every day for an entire week on an assigned topic-of-the-day, in relation to diabetes.

I'm pretty excited about this, actually.  It will be fun to be a part something that, so far, over 50 bloggers have signed up for.  I would imagine by next week when the blog-a-thon starts that number will have grown considerably.  I'm looking forward to a week of writing and reading the other blogger's personal interpretations of the topics.

However, I am the mother of two young, busy children with a multitude of distractions that can crop up at any moment on any given day.  Plus I have that pesky need for sleep that all too often I am forced to ignore as it is.  So, hopefully I am able to follow through with my commitment and see this week long blog-a-thon to the finish line.  And even if I can actually post every day, there is no guarantee that my posts will be good.  I tend to labour over my posts as it is - editing, revising and tweaking the bejeezus out of them until I drive myself insane.  This will be a fabulous little challenge for me, to be sure.  I can't promise quality won't be compromised for quantity.  But I will give it my best effort.

The list of bloggers who have opted in is pretty impressive.  Check it out at Bitter-Sweet.  This blog is written by Karen, the woman who created this event.  If you blog too and want to participate let Karen know.  She can add you to the list.

So here's my banner:

Wish me luck and...let the games begin!

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Karen said...

I'm so glad you've signed up!! And thanks for getting the word out. :) And hey, if life gets in the way and you miss any days . . . oh well. Life is busy and blogs should not be another stress - they should be fun!! :)