Saturday, May 15, 2010

Images of The Past Two Years

 These snapshots follow a timeline starting from just before Jenna's diagnosis:

Two years ago, Jenna and I were spending an afternoon at the beach.  She was showing symptoms but had not yet been diagnosed.  For the first year or so after her diagnosis this picture as well as others from that day were very difficult for me to look at without becoming emotional, imagining how she must have been feeling.   

This was taken while Jenna was hospitalized for four days after diagnosis.  Her hospital room window looked out over a green belt.  She often saw bunnies out there eating clover and such.

   The girls and me just a few weeks after her diagnosis.

Jenna holding her brand new insulin pump.  This was taken at her pump start up right after her very first infusion site insertion, hence the tears.

Jenna's first Halloween with diabetes.  Thankfully, it was also her first Halloween with a pump!

We attended a wedding last spring.  Jenna enjoyed a luscious piece of chocolate cake - savouring every last crumb - while  Daddy was busy pressing buttons on the pump.   We guessed at the carb count and if memory serves, we battled a high all that night.  It was totally worth it though!

I was quite proud of myself when I got the idea to have a dry erase board on our fridge to keep track of carb counts for each meal.  We used it faithfully for a year or so.  Now we are seasoned carb counters and my mental math skills are smokin' these days.  For the most part the dry erase board sits idle now, save for the odd doodle or birthday party invitation.

This is just one heckuva sweet picture of my two babes walking hand in hand on the beach.  Yes, I'm a proud mama.  I won't deny it.

We made some paper pumps for Jenna's stuffed toys one morning.   Read more about that here.

Please understand - I don't condone this kind of behaviour.  But this is a testament to Jenna's spirit.  She has a great sense of humour with a delightful splash of attitude and it's what has seen her through many of life's trials up to this point.  I'm betting it will see her through many more.  Give 'em hell, sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Pictures do speak volumes. I remember not being able to look at pictures of Caleb "before" without bursting into tears for loss of the boy that was. I agree with the final sentiment as it relates to D and find it perfecting condonable! :)

Bob Pedersen said...

I love Jenna's taste in hats! :)