Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random Thoughts

“Dude.  Can I borrow your lid?"
  • I’m sitting with my girls as I type this.  We are colouring and cutting out dinosaurs, giraffes, and other assorted characters.  Each character is getting a popsicle stick taped to the back as well as a fashionable, custom made paper handbag (Jenna’s idea).  I’m guessing that a puppet show of sorts is in the works.  It’s times like this during parenthood that I anticipated with excitement long before I became a parent.      
  • Today the ice cream truck came cruising up our street.  Today— a day when Jenna has been spiking to high heaven and making ketones like a professional....ketone.......maker.  We don’t see an ice cream truck all blasted summer, then fall arrives— Jenna has the worst diabetes day she’s had in months and the ice cream truck appears.  Irony anyone?
  • On any given night I can be found, once or twice, between the hours of 10pm and 4am clutching a small, green flashlight between my teeth while I perform a blood glucose check on a sleeping Jenna.  It occurred to me that a miner’s hat would be a more appropriate illuminating device for this task.  Hands-free, you know?  I can’t help but laugh at the thought of strapping on a miner’s hat over my crazy bed-head, fresh out of dreamland.  Still, it would really make things easier.
  • I enjoy Autumn.  I’ve mentioned this before, I know.  But it’s worth repeating since today has been a delightfully cool and windy Autumn day, in spite of the blood sugar gremlins.  Colourful fallen leaves were dancing playfully in the streets and the sweet smell of bonfires laced the air.  J and I dropped our girls off at their morning art class then enjoyed a latte while we chatted and perused the aisles of books at our local Chapter’s.   It was an hour of calming bliss.
  • My dishwasher is making very strange sounds and I fear an expensive breakdown is imminent.   
Okay.  So that’s all the random thoughts I’m having at the moment.  I’m sure there are more but I’m being sent to the photocopier for the umpteenth time to make more paper characters.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend and maybe think in-range blood sugar thoughts for us, k?  Thanks.  


Unknown said...

Oh we used the head lamps for years! LOL! Now, I don't even need them...I feel like a vampire or something b/c I perform tasks so well at night.

You, too, have a great w/e.

Karen said...

You have the most interesting and entertaining random thoughts ever! Mine would be drivel like "I need more coffee" and "My cat is adorable". *sigh* I do love the miner's hat idea!!

shannon said...

Yes, the miner's hat is an awesome idea. We have a small Ikea lamp on L's bedside table with a dimmer that I can raise to shine as much light as I need on any given night check.