Thursday, May 12, 2011

D-Blog Week: Jenna’s Ten Things.

Today’s topic is one that I’ve recently covered - threefold, in fact. I came up with a whopping thirty things I hate about diabetes in a weakened moment of exhaustion. It felt good to get those things off my chest.

So since I have had my chance to vent, I think it may be a good time to hear from Jenna on this topic. I interviewed her this morning while she ate her breakfast. She seemed to enjoy the opportunity to have some input. I may have to give her more chances to be heard. This could mean the D-OC has another cute little junior member to welcome!

Me: Jenna, the Diabetes Online Community wants to know a few things that you don’t like about having diabetes. Would you like to share a few things you don’t like?

Jenna: [nods while eating her cereal] What are you typing?

Me: Nods while eating her cereal. [laughing] Okay. Hit it.

Jenna: Number one - I don’t like when Daddy says “Then how ‘bout we do a check on your toes?”

Me: Daddy’s joking, of course.

Jenna: Yes, he’s joking. Number two - changes. Number three - having to wash my hands all the time before checks. Number four - and I don’t like checking my fingers after I wash my hands. Number five - I don’t like having to wait to get a bolus before I can go out to play. Number six - Sometimes I feel all floopy because I have to get stuff done like brush my hair and brush my teeth. I don’t like that.

Me: Oh. You mean, like that low you had yesterday when we were trying to get ready to go?

Jenna: Yes. When I’m low.

Me: And I had to help you with all that stuff until your blood
sugar came back up, right?

Jenna: Yes.

Me: So what’s number seven?

Jenna: I think I might do 100 things.

Me: hundred things you hate?!

Jenna: Yep.

Me: Let’s just shoot for ten right now, okay?

Jenna: Okay. Number seven - Sometimes I can taste the alcohol when
you are rubbing it on my skin.

Me: So when I prep the area for a new site, you can taste the alcohol vapours?

Jenna: Yes. It’s yucky.

Me: Is there anything else you can think of?

Jenna: What number are we on now?

Me: We are on number eight.

Jenna: Remember that time you had to give me a needle in the night?

Me: You mean, an injection I had to give you because your blood sugar wouldn’t come down?

Jenna: Yes.

Me: So you don’t like needles.

Jenna: Right.

Me: Okay. Number nine.

Jenna: I don’t like it when you try to do checks on other fingers. I only like my pointer fingers checked. My thumbs and pinkies are very delicate.

Me: Okay, we have one more to go, Jenna. What’s your number ten?

Jenna: Blood work. That’s what I hate the most.

Me: Thanks, Jenna. I think the D-OC will enjoy hearing from you today!

Jenna: Thanks. I’m going to go play now.


Alexis Nicole said...

Awesome job Jenna!!

I love her. So cute!!

And her things..I hate too :(

meanderings said...

Welcome to the DOC, Jenna.
You're definitely one of our cutest bloggers!

Crystal said...

Awwww!!! Hi Jenna! You rock!
I don't like those things either.

Emily B said...

I love her and I hate that she has to do those things too.

Jaimie said...

Great post Jenna~! ((HUGS))

Sysy said...

My pinky finger was delicate too-although now it's my favorite pricking finger, weird huh? Anyway, Jenna is absolutely adorable, so glad you helped her make this post!

LaLa said...

Greatness. What a sweetie!!
I love her delicate little fingers.

Lorraine of "This is Caleb..." said...

Such a sweetie! "Floopy" :(

Mike Lawson said...


So freaking cute. "I think I'm going to do 100." That's exactly what I thought when I sat down this morning! hahahaha.

Jenna's lucky she has a great mom & dad. Keep up the good work, guys!

Wendy R said...

Sweet, hearing from your little girl. Tell her I think my not-so-little girl would agree with most of that list (my Jennifer will be 18 in a couple months)...

Briley said...

What an adorable list! When I was kid the thing I hated the most was also the bloodwork.

Karen said...

Thanks for that great list, Jenna. Last night I was low and I felt floopy too - and I didn't like that my husband had to help me unwrap my straw and put it in my juicebox. That sure isn't fun.