Friday, May 13, 2011

Snapshot Saturday.

Recently, I called Animas to report that Jenna’s pump was behaving oddly. Animas, being the amazing company they are with an emphasis on great customer service,  quickly established that she should have a replacement pump sent immediately and the old, misbehaving one was to be returned to them.

Upon receiving the new pump and meter (they didn’t have any pink replacement pumps in stock so I had to settle for a whole new kit. RATS!) I opened the package up and proceeded to program all of Jenna’s settings into the new pump. Then I installed the battery in the new meter, bringing it to life in all it’s high-def colour contrasted glory! I was so jazzed about this new spiffy meter that I had to subject Jenna to a blood sugar check right away.  When the reading appeared, I ran like the wind to get my camera.

Check out the very first blood sugar reading taken with her new meter:

Jenna couldn’t care less what her blood sugar reading is.  She just wants
to make sure her pump skin fits on the new pump. Priorities, you know.

 Now check out the picture of the meter in the manual:

I’m going to take it as a good omen that Jenna’s very first blood sugar reading on her new meter was a picture-perfect 5.8 mmol/L and matched the illustration in the manual. What are the odds?

Here’s another picture of Jenna awaiting her favourite breakfast treat - a blueberry banana smoothie. You can try the recipe here. They are quite tasty - a good choice for breakfast if a little physical activity is on the morning’s agenda:

This angelic smile is actually Jenna trying to be patient
with my incessant picture taking.  She wants to
dive into a smoothie!



Crystal said...

<3 Love <3 Love <3 LOVE!!!!!!

GeNee said...

What a cute little girl. My eleven month old granddaughter just came down with Type 1 diabetes. It is really is hard work for the mothers and daddies.

Unknown said...

Love the 5.8 and 5.8...way cool. And Jenna is adorable Sherry.

Unknown said...

I know that smile...well.

5.8. 5.8.

It was meant to be :)